The Boot and Shoe Quarter defined by the Borough Council

The Boot and Shoe Quarter designated

The outcome of the public consultation on the proposed conservation area was considered by the Cabinet at its meeting on 16th June 2010. Of the three options proposed, the single large area was approved, and named The Boot and Shoe Quarter. Details of the decision, together with supporting documents, can be found at

Designated Boot & Shoe Quarter
Image of the designated area courtesy of Northampton Borough Council.

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Boot and Shoe Conservation Area proposed by Northampton Borough Council

At its Cabinet Meeting on the 24th November 2010, Northampton Borough Council agreed to proceed with consultation on a proposed Boot and Shoe Conservation Area in Northampton. The proposals cover three options for the Conservation Area boundaries to the north and east of the town centre, the area where a large number of shoe factories sprang up in the latter half of the 19th century in amongst the streets of terraced housing. In its largest form it would cover the area north of the Mounts between Kettering Road and Barrack Road, as far west as Louise Road, and up to the edge of the Racecourse. To the east of Kettering Road it would cover Henry Street, Talbot Road and up to Crockett & Jones, while between Wellingborough Road and Billing Road it would include buildings in the vicinity of Victoria Road and Woodford Street.

This area was one of the most important in the county in terms of the boot & shoe industry until the middle of the 20th century. However, today, I am only aware of two factories still producing shoes in that area – Trickers in St Michaels Road and Crockett & Jones in Magee Street. Of course there is also our member Brian Dickens' leather finishing factory in Kettering Road (only one of two left in the county). Many of the rest are turned to other industrial uses, empty or converted to apartments, some more sympathetically than others! Their inclusion in a Conservation Area would help to ensure the remaining buildings are better preserved and where alterations are necessary to facilitate reuse, this is undertaken in a sympathetic manner.

NIAG's Committee has agreed that we should support the creation of a Boot and Shoe Conservation Area and assist the Borough Council in any way possible. Individual members may wish to make their own representation to the Borough Council as the consultation process unfolds.

Further details on the proposed Conservation Area can be found at:

Peter Perkins

Plan of proposed boot and shoe conservation area
A single large conservation area.
Plan for alternate boot and shoe conservation area
Multiple smaller designated areas.

Images courtesy of Northampton Borough Council.

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